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Full Time/Part Time Outreach Specialist Application
($3K-5K USD/Month)

If you are an existing or aspiring sales professional with a passion for health and fitness, this may just be your dream job…

Would you like the opportunity to work for one of the most credible and recognized fitness mentorships companies in the world with a highly motivated, growth-oriented and results-focused team who will finally pay you what YOU’RE WORTH, while giving you unlimited potential to grow within the company?

…And above all else, you’ll be working with the OG of the Fitness Marketing Space, Vince Del Monte, who has personally sold over $30M with his own muscle building programs and has gone on to serve over 2,000 fitness professionals to date, helping them start and grow their own profitable online fitness business and achieve financial freedom. You will be setting appointments for the ONLY fitness business coach who has personally built four 7-figure online fitness programs prior to coaching others to do the same.

You will have DEEP CONVICTION and FULL PRIDE in what you are selling because our programs have impacted more lives than any other competitor in the industry.

If that gets you excited and strikes a chord… Keep reading.

So right now, my team and I are growing VERY rapidly, and we are currently looking for our next Social Media Outreach Specialist. This is a role that provides the opportunity to quickly scale how much you earn, so please read below carefully:

I am looking for a highly driven, focused individual with GREAT ENGLISH (speaking and writing), who is hungry to succeed and is prepared to write their own paycheck.

This job is FULL TIME, and will require 8 hours/day, 5 days/week.You must have availability from 8AM-6PM EST Monday – Friday.

This means no side hustles. Whatever business you are currently working on, you will have to discontinue, as your financial goals and impact will be achieved WITHIN our team, not outside of it.

Job Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Because you will be messaging hundreds of people a week in English, your English skills must be highly skilled.
Who this is for:

You have a passion for the Health & Fitness Industry.

You would love the opportunity to work with Vince Del Monte, the OG of the Online Fitness Marketing space.

You have previous social media setting experience.

You have spectacular written english.

You genuinely care about client transformations and want to represent a good offer that is responsible for changing thousands of lives.

You don’t shy away from a competitive, fast-paced environment.

Lastly and most importantly, you’re hungry and coachable. You understand that to be the best, you have to work hard for it and learn from others who are further ahead than you.

I am VERY intense on my sales team. Sales is the lifeblood of any business, and if you do not perform, I will do everything possible to support you and operate as a safety net so you don’t fail.

However, if you still do not show signs of improvement, or hitting your standards of performance for 3 months straight, we will be forced to part ways.

Our team thrives off of hitting our targets, celebrating wins and becoming the best at what we do in the industry. We take this VERY seriously and find EXTREME satisfaction when we win together.

Given that this is a SALES role, you will be paid on a heavily commissioned-based compensation package with an uncapped earning potential.
Compensation scale:

Projected starting is around $2-3k, with opportunity to climb to $4-5K++/month. One thing is for sure – if you’re hungry for $$$, this role can DEFINITELY meet your financial goals.

Ultimately, your compensation is tied to how well you perform as an Outreach Specialist.

If you’re looking to be paid hourly, a ‘safe’ and ‘stable’ pay check, this is NOT for you. We reward performance.

If you’ve read this far, it means you’re still interested.

If so, please do the following (Not following these steps COMPLETELY will result in your disqualification):

Record a 3-5 minute video and upload it to Youtube as an UNLISTED video (make sure that I will be able to view the video, and that it is NOT on private). Inside the video, answer these questions:

1) Tell me a bit about yourself (Where you’re from, what do you do now)

2) What interests you most about this role?

3) Why should we hire you? (What makes you so good at this role)

4) Describe a successful sale you have made in the past.

5) Explain why you can handle a tough environment and constructive criticism.

Attach your YouTube unlisted video and resume below.
Write a 10 sentence paragraph answering the following prompt: Why do you enjoy sales, and why do you think you’re the most qualified for this sales position?

If you are qualified, my team will reach out to schedule interview in the next 48-72 hours

That’s it!

If you’re reading this job posting, that means that this position is still open, so I’d encourage you to take action as FAST as possible or this position might fill up.

As soon as the job is filled, this posting will be taken down.

Talk to you soon,