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How A Scattered & Struggling Father Became a Millionaire Fitness Coach

As a parent and entrepreneur, one of the hardest things to do is STAY FOCUSED!!

This is the “secret” to becoming a MILLIONAIRE Fitness Coach just like Coach Eric Bach! 

Eric went from trading dollars for hours working 3 jobs and still struggling…

…to now a hyper-focused fitness coach making $100K+ per MONTH and part of our advanced students program Domination Boardroom.

Watch his absolutely killer story about how he got there.

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How a Former Gym Owner Built Million Dollar Fitness Business WITHOUT Sacrificing Family

“I made more money in one month than I made in an entire year”

Mark Avens was really struggling as an in-person trainer – there came a point where he wasn’t making enough to pay his bills.

Mark’s emotional story, going from feeling like he’s disappointing his wife and children, selling their family car…to now having built a million-dollar fitness business making $100K+/mo online!

Bet on yourself and take action.

If I had to pick my “perfect avatar”, it would be Mark!

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How A Burned-Out Mom Built a Thriving Online Fitness Business

This one is for all the parents out there – especially the moms!!

Nirit realized her passion for fitness but was stuck financially and burned-out trying to raise her kids while building a business.

“You have two choices: either wallow in it, or do something about it”

With the right tactics and working with an experienced coach who understands the struggles…

Nirit began hitting $50K MONTHS within a year of joining 7FM and was able to start building a TEAM for her business.


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From injured dancer to 6-Figure Fitness Coach | Ellie Marie is L.I.T.

Ellie first joined our program skeptical in October 2021 and was skeptical because of poor experiences she had in other coaching programs.

Well, what she was missing was 1-on-1 coaching and someone she can trust.

After joining 7FM, Ellie took her body image struggles and transformed into a thriving online fitness coach now earning more than many doctors, lawyers and high-profile executives…

This is an incredible, must-watch story…

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Struggling As A Mom? Here’s How Natalya Kept Scaling to 30K Months

Natalya Sebastian is a badass pilates instructor that comes from the world of dance and has a love for passion for helping people with their health and fitness and goals through her expertise.

What Natalya didn’t know was how to SHIFT her business online and consistently GET CLIENTS and how to truly build a business that would serve them all.

If you’d like to discover how Natalya solved this problem and built a financially successful business in under 1 year, then check out my brand new video featuring her MUST-SEE STORY!

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Ready To Hit Millionaire Status? Here’s How We Helped Wayne & Nicole Scale to 230+ Active Online Clients With Better Systems

Is there anything more frustrating then seeing others with thriving online fitness businesses while you struggle to get clients?

Doesn’t it suck to post regular fitness workout videos and inspiring selfies and transformation photos of your clients but you still can’t produce consistent revenue?

Laura always believed successful online coaches were always just successful and didn’t know there was a right and wrong way to market, create content and promote your programs.

Within 3 months of being a part of The 7-Figure Mastermind, Laura matched her yearly in a single month and now has a multi 6-figure online fitness business.

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Income Slide Backwards? Here’s How Becky Has Been Continuing to Dominate Your Space & Start Landing TV Features

Remember Becky? Becky has continued to grow her fitness business, improve her sales process, increase her prices and grow her social media.

She’s now landing high quality media pieces to elevate her prestige and attract higher quality clients.

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Skeptical Investing Again? Here’s How Andreia Broke Past 10K/Months & Grew to 30k/Months & Building Her Team Now

Remember Andreia? Last you saw her she was doing 10k months and we’ve now helped her build systems to grow to 20-30k months and she’s now building a team and built better systems, structure and accountability for her clients.

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Robert Is Now Doing 50-60K Months WIthout Ads & Purely From His Facebook Profile!

Remember Robert? He’s now doing 50-70K months consistently from his FB profile and living an incredible lifestyle that includes a lot of travel with his girlfriend.

Robert has built a killer series of videos like these called OWN YOUR LIFE and it’s crushing it and attracting him his dream clients. Once we get you doing this one strategy alone you’ll see a huge boost in quality leads and testimonials and transformations.

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How Is Sue Doing? She’s Built A 9 Person Team & Hit A Record 2 Million Dollar year

Sue is now working with me in the VIP 1-1 coaching program and earned her way into the paid advertising world to continue scaling.

She’s built a thriving community and strong team to produce the freedom to live in expensive California and expand her brand and services further around the world.

Sue is just getting started and growing as a leader and industry titan because she keeps leveling up her skills, leadership and vision.

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This is a 100% No-Brainer Decision

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If your business has gone backwards or stagnated than it’s time to get back into the most supportive and knowledgeable community in the space.

Watch the tour videos above. The VIP 1-1 includes pre schedule 1-1 calls with me, and unlimited voice note access.

You’ll be reporting to me for your marching orders and I’ll be personally crafting your marketing machine, game plans and supporting you in the implementation.

We’ll brainstorm big ideas for your brand and help you become an industry leader and dominator with systems that provide work life balance.

Come ready to build a powerful and personal brand, supportive team and profit rich business around your vision and values… just like I’ve done.

You’ll be getting access to a level of training never seen before in 7FM that will knock your socks off and provide the leadership, scorecards, data support and much more to achieve higher levels of success.

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