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Below you’ll see a variety of student success stories and screen shots from regular folks like yourself who fully utilized the 3-step strategy you’ll discover inside my book. We will let their results stand for itself! And, of course, results will vary.

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From: The O.G. of Online Fitness Marketing Vince Del Monte

Franklin, Tennessee

Have You Accepted The Cold Hard Facts of the High Ticket Coaching Environment Today?

We’re no longer living during the pandemic days where clients were searching for you and had disposable income to drop a few thousand dollars on your services without blinking.

Today we are facing multiple problems…

After 18 Years, I’m Giving You Something That’s Allowed Me to Build 4 Different 7-Figure Generating Fitness Brands without ads…

(And That Almost Every Aspiring Health, Fitness & Nutrition Owner I’ve Ever Come Across Still Doesn’t Know About…)

It will help you grow your online business even if you’re starting from scratch and have no online business experience…. And I don’t care if you’re skeptical, hesitant, tried this before and failed or struggling right now


today that changes.


Did you know that ninety percent of online fitness coaches never make it past earning enough to pay their bills?


Did you know that it’s more COMPETITIVE than ever to stand out in a noisy and saturated marketplace?


Did you notice that’s even more CONFUSING than ever with One-Trick Teachers popping up on every street corner screaming “Send 100 cold DM’s a day…”, “Hire a VA to do outreach…”, “Launch a FB group…”, “Post 6x a day…” or “Run a challenge funnel…”

While some of that stuff can work, for the majority it will not work because you haven’t yet mastered the #1 rule to succeed:


Show up differently!

If you don’t show up differently then you don’t show up at all.

So who am I and why should you listen to me?


In the last decade I’ve done over $30 Million in revenue and if you’ve been around the block then you might have seen some of my famous fitness programs:

✅ No-Nonsense Muscle Building

✅ Maximize Your Muscle

✅ Live Large TV

✅ Stage Shredded Status

✅ Hypertrophy MAX

✅ Elite 1-1 Physique & Performance Coaching


I even helped my wife build multiple 6 figure fitness brands in the female space…

I want to show you what it really takes to make it online.


I’ve been where you are now…


My journey started working at my local YMCA as a personal trainer for a whopping $10/hour… (after spending $50,000 on a University degree!).

Busting my butt…I lived in the gym 60-70 hours a week watching my boss count checks while I counted reps…


Imagine your old school Italian father seeing you work in the same gym he did his elliptical, after a (did I mention) $50,000 university degree


“Son, are you going to be a personal trainer when you’re 35?”

Those were my fathers words and if there was anyone I respected most it was my Dad.


His uncertainty triggered massive doubt in myself. I thought maybe I should go back and apply to teachers college?


His concerns were not unwarranted: 100% of the trainers I knew had a 2nd and even 3rd job just to pay the bills.


Despite its financial ceiling, I loved being an in-person personal trainer, decided to stick with my passion and I actually got really good at it.


After a couple years I got my income up to $48K a year which was pretty good for a trainer in a blue-collar town. My best year was $78K… but I almost killed myself to do it.


I faced the harsh reality that the only way to make more money was to work more hours. And I became miserable because I didn’t have the time to spend that extra money.


I was quite literally trading my time for money. After a few years of grinding in the gym I started to see this career wasn’t sustainable.


I realized then the definition of job: Just Over Broke.


Despite following my passion, I felt like I either had no paycheck or no life.


I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. I had to get honest with myself.


So I decided to bet on myself instead of my boss.


And to go after 3 things:

Financial, time, and location freedom

I don’t think those were the exact words I used back then… but that’s what it was.


My boss introduced me to this world of online marketing.


I didn’t know where this industry would lead but I loved helping people with their macros and I was a geek when it came to program design.


Studying under legends like Ian King, John Berardi and Charles Poliquin… I wanted to be one of the great ones too. 


It was the coolest thing ever, but my family still had doubts because nobody had ever gone down this path.

My family has a successful and profitable mausoleum business that I was supposed to take over…


There was no playbook for making a sustainable livelihood through fitness. Especially online back then.

I remember telling my middle brother Adrian about it and his answer was: “That’s weird.”


But it felt right deciding not to go down the same path that most of my friends did with their good jobs, summers off, benefits…


Long story short, I bought these internet marketing DVDs that showed me the world of online marketing for the first time.


Then those same guys that made the DVDs reached out to me and pitched me their 6-month mentorship program for $7500 USD to implement everything from those DVDs. I asked them if they could guarantee that I’d make $3-4K a month (that was literally my grand goal back then) and they laughed at me and said, “Vince, I can’t make you a guarantee because I can guarantee you my time but I don’t know what you’re doing with your time”.


That was a huge realization for me. Success is MY duty. I’m not doing him a favor by giving him $7500 USD.


If it wasn’t me, somebody else would sign up.


I decided to bet on myself and joined.


I had to increase the limit of my credit cards just to pay for it.


I maxed out my credit cards because I knew I had to get uncomfortable for change to happen.

I learned a ton, got great at marketing, and decided to start my own online fitness business helping skinny guys…


…because that was MY personal transformation. Skinny Vinny to Pro Fitness Model.


It was called “No-Nonsense Muscle Building.”


Even though I got great at marketing, I made a ton of mistakes. I got detoured by the haters and naysayers.


But through all the suffering, mistakes, and distractions… I took this business to 7 figures.

That period was the most exciting and challenging in my life. Because even though I learned a lot from the DVDs and the $7500 coaching investment…


Those guys told me ✅ what to do but not ❌ how to do it.


This entire experience proved to me ONE thing: A mentor is the key.


A mentor is the key… I’ve tattooed this into my skull. Like Warren Buffet says, “It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s even better to learn from other people’s mistakes.”


I went on to launch a ton of offers in the muscle and fitness space… earning enough money to experience what I’ll humbly coin, ‘financial security’. 

And that brings me to today.


For the past 5 years, I’ve been teaching health, fitness and nutrition coaches (and anyone aspiring to be one) everything I learned.


Teaching people how to become specialists.


Teaching people how to build a brand… being yourself.


Teaching people how to carve out one niche and dominate it.


That’s what you’ll learn from this book.

Some of my students
at our live event in Nashville

The reason most people in the fitness space fail and remain broke is because they don’t know who they serve and bounce from marketplace to marketplace.


They are positioned as generalists which attract a general income.


They don’t differentiate their vision, voice and values so fail to grow.


It’s like a general doctor vs a heart surgeon. Who would you rather call if you have a heart problem?


And who makes 10X more money?


They go hand in hand. Specialty and income.


Specialists are in a league of their own. They don’t even have competition to crush because they’re ABOVE the competition..


That’s what my book is about.


About giving you what you need to position yourself differently. If you don’t show up differently you don’t show up at all.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at What You’ll Get



You Can’t Have a Family Without M.O.M. .................. 1


Marketplace: How to Find Your One Person............. 13


Offer: How to Make an Irresistible Offer.................... 27


Messaging: The Three V’s to

Differentiate Your Brand.............................................. 39


Magnetic Naming Methods to

Attract Your Dream Clients......................................... 55

This is nothing like One-TrickTeachers who just toot the latest Red Shiny Strategy…


Believe me, I’ve fallen for that in the past. Diving head first into fancy VSL funnels, webinars, email automation sequences, FB Groups, challenges, shout outs and much more.


Truth is… all of this stuff can work… but it almost always leads to failure because you don’t have the right foundation.


This book is the foundation before any cool marketing strategy or tactic.


I’ve tested my 3 step strategy with 1000+ fit pros to OVERWHELMING success. They are all now constantly crushing $10K, $20K, $50K, and even $100K months!


Now it’s your turn.


I will teach you how to do what I’ve done.


To know not just what to do, but HOW to do it.


I’ve built my businesses around that simple goal… giving you a rock solid foundation to apply all those cool fancy strategies in the future.


And I’ve added tons of bonuses to make it THAT much better.

This is for you if….

What works with 1-1 personal training is completely different than what works online. If you're afraid to hyper focus on ONE target marketplace this book will lay the ground work for exactly how to make the switch.

Believe me, I’ve been there. I’ve been led down the rabbit whole too and the first step is identifying how to align your passion and credibility with a ravenous marketplace. You’ll discover this once you get your copy.

If you market to everyone then you market to no one. 67% of marketing is simply knowing who you’re talking to. This book does just that.

These aren’t going to get you anywhere if you don’t know HOW to identify your niche, build an irresistible offer, and communicate a unique message. Sorry, but you have the cart in front of the horse.

Your vision for a fulfilled life of meaning and freedom for yourself and your family IS POSSIBLE. Impacting tons of lives is just inches away but it requires you to tap into your personal story and purpose which this book is dedicated to.

If you’re not convinced yet….


(And How Can You Use It To Grow Your Online Fitness Business?!?)

Over the past 15+ years in the industry, I have seen so many fitness coaches come and go. They think they need some secret sauce to really make it in the online fitness world, however, wherever they turn, everyone tells them…

“You need a niche. You need an irresistible offer. You need a clear, but polarizing, message. Then we build a benefit rich program name and promise.”


But the catch is, NO ONE knows HOW to actually implement these things…

So when they try to implement the WHAT, they fail. It might work temporarily with some luck and skill. But without the proper HOW, their business inevitably falls apart.

After seeing this happen over and over again, I decided it was ENOUGH and coined the 3-steps The M.O.M. Strategy… 

It stands for:


One Marketplace

Your marketplace should be something that’s rooted in who you are and what your personal transformation story was.

Like if you’re a dad you shouldn’t be marketing to moms because it would be difficult for you to relate to them.

Your marketplace is not a group of people but a specific problem you solve at a specific part of the transformational journey.

For example, I didn’t target “executives over 30 who want muscle”, I targeted anyone who wanted to gain their first 30lbs of muscle. See how the marketplace is focused on an outcome, not person?


It’s a counterintuitive idea and your promise of solving a problem in a unique way that’s never been done before.


It’s not things like accountability, apps or check-ins because this is something you can get for free on


To give you an example: my offer was that I helped guys build muscles using baby weight training when others were screaming heavy weights…


So you see my counterintuitive idea – let’s get bigger by lifting lighter.




You need to communicate your beliefs and you need to show your audience that you have discovered the most effective way to achieve these results.


For example, I coined Muscle Fiber Type Training which is working with my body, not on my body…


It made sense for a lot of people and this became my messaging.


Now, as I mentionedI have helped 1000+ struggling fitness coaches nail down this M.O.M. process


which has helped them grow to CONSISTENT $10K – $100K+ months!


That’s why I decided to put together everything in this book, so you can implement this too and grow a thriving, fulfilling and financially life-changing business!


Here’s the type of people and businesses this has already helped and is currently working for:

Personal trainers

Online fat loss coaches


Online muscle building coaches

Pilates professionals

Yoga instructors


Sports performance coaches

Mind & body specialists

Strength coaches


Fitness enthusiasts with a story


I’m a no BS person. This book is just the first step. I want you to experience what it’s like to achieve real growth in yourself and your business.


Too many coaches are getting overwhelmed chasing fancy funnels, “growth hacks”, stupid shout outs and wasting money on paid ads before they have the foundation.


Without this book, flat out, you’re going to waste time and money in any coaching or mentorship program because tactics are useless if you don’t have attention.

This is a limited time offer. It won’t be forever.

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Honours Kinesiology Degree

Best Selling Author

WBFF Pro Fitness Model

4X Millionaire Fitness Coach