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Transform Your Fitness Business: Become the Authority Your Market Craves


Conquer the 3 Biggest Challenges Fitness Coaches are Facing in 2024

Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Sign More Clients in a Saturated Market with My New Book!

If you don’t show up differently, then you don’t show up at all.

Carve out your unique niche and dominate your market with strategies that built four 7-figure fitness businesses. Grab your copy now for just $7 and receive 3 exclusive bonuses:



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Discover Proven Strategies to Elevate Your Fitness Business!

Ninety-nine percent of online fitness coaches never make it past earning enough to pay their bills.

In “Separate to Dominate: How to Carve Out Your Niche and Crush the Competition,” I reveal my battle-tested methods to transform your online fitness business into a hyper-profitable brand without long hours in the gym, endless social media posts, or paid ads.

What This Book Delivers:

Find a market hungry for your services.

Develop a competition-proof proposition.

Attract a dedicated audience of believers.

Craft a compelling program name, tagline, and benefit statement.

Unlike other business coaches, I dive into the details of building a successful fitness business. Having guided hundreds of entrepreneurs to six, seven, and even eight-figure incomes, I share my expertise to help you achieve the success you’ve only dreamed of.

This is NOT only designed to carve out your niche and make it rain money but it’ll position you to CRUSH the competition and land you in a league of your own!


Below you’ll see a variety of student success stories and screen shots from regular folks like yourself who fully utilized the 3-step strategy you’ll discover inside my book. We will let their results stand for itself! And, of course, results will vary.



With the audiobook version of “Separate to Dominate,” you can absorb these powerful strategies on the go. Whether you’re at the gym, driving, or running errands, the audiobook allows you to turn any moment into a productive learning opportunity. I’ll be guiding you through the insights and actionable advice in my own voice, bringing the lessons to life and helping you dominate the fitness industry faster. This exclusive audiobook bonus ensures you can integrate these game-changing tactics into your routine seamlessly, accelerating your path to success. outcome, not person?





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From: The O.G. of Online Fitness Marketing Vince Del Monte

Franklin, Tennessee

Have You Accepted The Cold Hard Facts of the High Ticket Coaching Environment Today?

First Off: I’m super pumped that you found this page. You’ve already separated yourself from the pack by scrolling below the fold and taking the next step to standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Did you know that 99% of people who start businesses fail in the first year? If they get past the first year they fight for scraps at the bottom of the barrel to the tune of $2k-$3k extra a month, barely get by, and end up going back to the sad life of being a “wage slave”.

Why is the failure rate alarmingly high? Because people are following overnight business coaches who don’t teach them how to stand out differently. It’s that simple.

The good news is that I’ve already coached more than 1,000 students over the past 5 years and those who execute the 3-step strategy soar to the 10k… 20K and even 50k per month level and join a very small league of online coaches who turn their passion into profits and never look back.

If you’re ok going back to the gym to count reps and making your boss rich instead of yourself, stop reading right now, this is not for you.

After 18 Years, I’m Giving You Something That’s Allowed Me to Build 4 Different 7-Figure Generating Fitness Brands without ads…

(And That Almost Every Aspiring Health, Fitness & Nutrition Owner I’ve Ever Come Across Still Doesn’t Know About…)

It will help you grow your online business even if you’re starting from scratch and have no online business experience…. And I don’t care if you’re skeptical, hesitant, tried this before and failed or struggling right now


today that changes.


Did you know that ninety percent of online fitness coaches never make it past earning enough to pay their bills?


Did you know that it’s more COMPETITIVE than ever to stand out in a noisy and saturated marketplace?


Did you notice that’s even more CONFUSING than ever with One-Trick Teachers popping up on every street corner screaming “Send 100 cold DM’s a day…”, “Hire a VA to do outreach…”, “Launch a FB group…”, “Post 6x a day…” or “Run a challenge funnel…”

While some of that stuff can work, for the majority it will not work because you haven’t yet mastered the #1 rule to succeed:


Show up differently!

If you don’t show up differently then you don’t show up at all.

So who am I and why should you listen to me?


In the last decade I’ve done over $30 Million in revenue and if you’ve been around the block then you might have seen some of my famous fitness programs:


✅ No-Nonsense Muscle Building

✅ Maximize Your Muscle

✅ Live Large TV

✅ Stage Shredded Status

✅ Hypertrophy MAX

✅ Elite 1-1 Physique & Performance Coaching


I even helped my partner build multiple 6 figure fitness brands in the female space…

My Journey: From Struggling Trainer to 7-Figure Business Owner

I started as a personal trainer at my local YMCA, earning $10/hour after a $50,000 university degree. I worked 60-70 hours a week, watching my boss count checks while I counted reps. My father’s words, “Son, are you going to be a personal trainer when you’re 35?” stung deeply and pushed me to strive for more. His concern was rooted in the harsh reality of a trainer’s life—long hours, low pay, and the need for multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Today, it’s even tougher with the saturated market and higher competition.

Despite the financial ceiling, I loved being an in-person personal trainer and managed to earn between $48K to $78K per year. But it almost killed me. I was trading time for money, becoming miserable without time to enjoy the extra income. I realized that a JOB meant being “Just Over Broke.” I knew I had to bet on myself and pursue financial, time, and location freedom.


Determined to achieve these goals, I dove into online marketing. I invested $7500 in a mentorship program, which was a huge leap of faith. This transformed my personal journey, “Skinny Vinny to Pro Fitness Model,” into the “No-Nonsense Muscle Building” business.


I realized that to succeed, I had to specialize. Most trainers struggle financially because they don’t know who they serve and bounce from marketplace to marketplace. They are positioned as generalists, which attract a general income. They don’t differentiate their vision, voice, and values, so they fail to grow. It’s like a general doctor versus a heart surgeon—who would you rather call if you have a heart problem? And who makes 10X more money?


Specialists are in a league of their own. They don’t even have competition to crush because they’re above the competition. By carving out a niche, I became a specialist and built a 7-figure business. This book shares the strategies that helped me stand out, attract more clients, and achieve financial success. It’s about giving you what you need to position yourself differently. If you don’t show up differently, you don’t show up at all.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at What You’ll Get



You Can’t Have a Family Without M.O.M. .................. 1


Marketplace: How to Find Your One Person............. 13


Offer: How to Make an Irresistible Offer.................... 27


Messaging: The Three V’s to

Differentiate Your Brand.............................................. 39


Magnetic Naming Methods to

Attract Your Dream Clients......................................... 55

This is Not Just Another Shiny Strategy


I’ve fallen for flashy strategies before—VSL funnels, webinars, email automation, Facebook Groups, and more. While these tactics can work, they often fail without the right foundation.


This book is that foundation. My 3-step strategy, tested with over 1000 fitness professionals, has led to overwhelming success, with many now consistently hitting $10K, $20K, $50K, and even $100K months.


Now, it’s your turn. I will guide you on not just what to do, but how to do it, providing a rock-solid foundation for future strategies. Plus, I’ve added tons of bonuses to make it even better.

This is for you if….

What works with 1-1 personal training is completely different than what works online. If you're afraid to hyper focus on ONE target marketplace this book will lay the ground work for exactly how to make the switch.

Believe me, I’ve been there. I’ve been led down the rabbit whole too and the first step is identifying how to align your passion and credibility with a ravenous marketplace. You’ll discover this once you get your copy.

If you market to everyone then you market to no one. 67% of marketing is simply knowing who you’re talking to. This book does just that.

These aren’t going to get you anywhere if you don’t know HOW to identify your niche, build an irresistible offer, and communicate a unique message. Sorry, but you have the cart in front of the horse.

Your vision for a fulfilled life of meaning and freedom for yourself and your family IS POSSIBLE. Impacting tons of lives is just inches away but it requires you to tap into your personal story and purpose which this book is dedicated to.


Here’s the type of people and businesses this has already helped and is currently working for:

Personal trainers

Online fat loss coaches


Online muscle building coaches

Pilates professionals

Yoga instructors


Sports performance coaches

Mind & body specialists

Strength coaches


Fitness enthusiasts with a story