ATTENTION! If you’re a serious online fitness or nutrition coach or an aspiring trainer ready to go online… But you lack the strategies, systems and clarity to get to the next level and want to enjoy MORE time off while making money…

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How Even Our Newbie Students Are Scaling To 10K, 20K and Even 50K Months & Beyond With Our 100% A.C.C.E.L.erator ORGANIC SCALING SYSTEMS…


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Hotel: Sahara Las Vegas

Date: September 16-17, 2022
Time: Doors open at 8 A.M.

From the desk of Vince Del Monte, the OG of online fitness marketing

Dear friend,

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the words ‘recession’ and ‘inflation’ everywhere you look.

From your bank account to the grocery store, from the gas station to your mortgage payments…maybe you’re starting to give into the fear all around us.

Here’s why you shouldn’t.

Do you want to start or scale your online health or fitness business to your first 6- or 7-figure year – but don’t know how you can do it with all this economic uncertainty?

I’ll tell you how.

In Las Vegas, NV on September 16-17, 2022 you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to Sit In and Test Drive my 100% A.C.C.E.L.erator Organic Scaling Systems that help even my new students do so well that they’ve become “recession-proof”.

I’ll give you my 12 time-tested secrets to creating content that connects to your audience…

Frank “Thanos” Den Blanken will show you how to grow your audience with motivated, high-quality followers…

You’ll learn The Alpha Predator Mindset to protect your brand and livelihood from world-renowned self-protection expert Tim Larkin…

And that’s just the start. Keep reading below for more.

If you’re currently not able to invest in my brand-new Domination Boardroom VIP program (starts at $50,000/year) then ‘test-driving’ The 7 Figure Mastermind at this event is a rare chance for you to work with me and even PICK YOUR OWN PRICE.

I’m letting you choose the price that you think this event is worth.

Now, if you don’t believe that you can make 10K, 20K or 50K a month online, then go ahead and close this window… because I already know we won’t be a good fit to work together.

There’s no need to “sell” you to Sit In and Test Drive this event. Instead, I’m giving you the option to Pick Your Price and I’ll just share who this opportunity IS for and who it is NOT for…

This event IS NOT for you if:

❌ You prefer to remain the Laborer of your business rather than the Architect

❌ You lack the courage to invest the time and money to buy speed, knowledge, relationships, accountability, and long-term wealth.

❌ You’re okay with giving into fear and remaining stuck while the 2% use this economic uncertainty to their advantage.

❌ ​You sell anything that promises a unicorn but delivers a donkey. Meaning, you don’t care about delivering massive value and leave the industry worse than you found it. This opportunity is definitely NOT for you.

This event IS for you if:

You’re in Level 1 – You haven’t had your first $50K/year yet and you need a very simple, PROVEN system that gets you clients organically without paid ads, long hours, or any sunk costs.

You’re in Level 2 – You haven’t earned your first $100K online yet. You are starting to get caught up in Red Shiny Object Syndrome and the Comparison Trap and it’s keeping you and your business limited.

You’re in Level 3 – You’re making around $100K-$300K/year. You’ve had a few “bigger” months but growth is not predictable and still feels like a grind. You’re now worried this inflation and recession will rob you of your growth.

You’re in Level 4 – You’re doing $300K-$500K/year and ready to make a Run to 7-Figures. Now it’s time to learn from A-list experts that will show you how to take your business to an elite level.

You’re in Level 5 – You’re doing $1M+/year and ready to maximize your operations and systems and team performance to scale. Now it’s time to learn the leadership abilities needed to lead, manage and hold people accountable.

This in-person event proves once and for all you STILL don't need.

X  A large following...

X  Fancy funnels & costly ads…

X  To be stuck in the “time for money” trap…

X  100 cold DM’s a day…

X  Thousands of clients to make a GREAT living…

X  BS marketing gimmicks…


Come to the last big Fitness Business Event of the Year! In light of the “rough” economy, you can SUBMIT YOUR OFFER and tell us how much this event is worth to you! YOU PICK YOUR OWN PRICE. Normally $1,900 USD… you tell us how much it’s worth to you.

However, your Deadline Ends In…



THE conversion immersion

CONVERSION without Uncertainty!


We’re inviting you to PICK YOUR PRICE and test-drive the premier fitness business mastermind that has helped Vince Del Monte & his team coach over 1,000 clients inside the fitness, nutrition, sports and mobility industry to not only survive the Covid period but THRIVE and build rock-solid, “recession-proof” businesses!

MEET OUR Featured Speakers

Vince Del Monte aka The OG of Online Fitness Marketing

Entrepreneur. Father. Husband. Author, Founder of The 7 Figure Mastermind for Fit Pro’s

The only fitness business coach in the world who’s built 4 different 7 figure fitness brands (No-Nonsense Muscle Building, Maximize Your Muscle, Live Large TV & Hypertrophy MAX) generating $15M+ in fitness sales without paid advertising and who’s worked with 2,000+ of the top fitness & nutrition coaches in the online space.

Frank Den Blanken

Fitness Coach, Husband, Educator with over 25,000 Body Transformations, VIP 7FM Coach

Vince’s longest student of 6 years & the Thanos of fitness marketing. He has scaled low ticket, high ticket, & clothing for over €15M/year in revenue. He’s a master of automation & back end systems. His methods have resulted in more than 3 million leads in 4 years. He spends his free time kicking the butts of 7FM members to new heights!

Coach Korby

Father. Producer of 100+ Millionaires. Head Coach of The 7 Figure Mastermind

A world-class marketer who’s personally coached two dozen of our members past the millionaire status (without ads) and our group’s “secret weapon” helping members dial in their messaging, scale their sales, break past self imposed limitations, and build a business of simplicity, impact and freedom.

Joe Marcoux

Sales Expert. Father. Husband. Next Level Sales Training to Master The Close

Meet the sales mentor to high-ticket coach who is on a mission to help business owners supercharge their sales game through his S.O.S. DoJoe system that turns you into an objection handling Black Belt and unlocks your sales potential and grows your business.

He is going to give you templates, tactics and techniques to overcome the big 3 sales objections like a pro.

Annie Yatch

Mother. Entrepreneur. Behavior Change Expert

I’ll be bringing my own personal behaviours change coach to the stage. She’s going to help you remedy the lies that cause self sabotage. Annie is an experienced entrepreneur and emotional intelligence expert that helps individuals expose the biggest lies robbing you of building a life of happiness, performance and abundance.

Ryan Magin

TikTok Specialist to Alex Hormozi, Grant Cardone, Ryan Pineda and more…

Ryan Magin has become the ‘secret weapon’ to many of the top entrepreneurs in the space and the brains behind all those crazy fonts and texts responsible for getting a lot of followers. He’s mastered the mindset behind the viewer in order to create a viral video and take advantage of one of the biggest opportunities in the world right now… TikTok and short form videos. Ryan has helped 30+ of the top marketers in the space grow their TikTok accounts from zero to millions of followers and he can help you too.

Conner Larkin

Copywriter to the likes of Ryan Stewman, Ian Stanley and more!

Former two-sport collegiate athlete turned fitness pro turned expert copywriter. Dreams of becoming a professional athlete were crushed after he was hit by a drunk driver. But he didn’t let that stop him… Conner took his 19-year sports career and started working in the personal training business. When the pandemic hit, he pivoted into copywriting and now works with the top industry leaders with their email marketing, sales pages, social media, and product development. This includes Ian Stanley, Ryan Stewman, Tim Larkin, Cam Forrey, & Craig Ballantyne. He also coaches over 400 people weekly on email marketing and continues to work his way to the top.

Tim Larkin

Father. Entrepreneur. Self Defence Specialist

He’s the guy operations like the US Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces and the US Border Patrol call in behind-the-scenes to teach them when it’s “kill-or-be-killed.”

A sought after public speaker, Larkin has spoken to CEO’s, government officials, and business leaders in over 40 countries on how to use these same principles of surviving life-or-death violence in the less life-threatening environment of business.

Larkin is co-author of the best-selling book, How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life, and the highly acclaimed online newsletter, Secrets For Staying Alive When Rules Don’t Apply.

Previous 7 Figure Mastermind Instructors

Bedros Keuilian
Rachel Sheer
Trevor Bachmeyer
Suzan Galluzzo
Rudy Mawer
Craig Ballantyne
Joel Marion
Wes Watson

What will I learn in the 2 days?

Over these three days, our world-class speakers are going to pull back the curtain and reveal:

This event is NOT being recorded so don’t miss out


What Exactly Will I learn?


Mental and emotional intelligence techniques

to easily and quickly reframe the biggest lie you tell yourself


The process to help your clients reframe their limiting mindsets

and negative behaviors preventing them from fully actioning your program


The 4 high performance truths

that you must be living in daily in order to create success for yourself and your clients


A brief but powerful subconscious practice

to tap into your inner greatness so that ease and flow is instantly accessible to you


The biggest messaging mistakes

you should never make when a prospect hits you up in the DM


The 3 questions you MUST ask yourself

before you write any caption or email (assuming you want to make lots of money).


How to write copy so you don’t sound like a copycat.

This is the key to finding your voice and building a loyal fan base that will buy from you no matter what.


The newest caption frameworks that work in 2022

which include the best Viral Transformation posts, Lead Generation posts, Value Bomb posts, Client Testimonials posts and much more…


The Formula for Viral

and what exactly makes a video get 1 million views (the key is in how you FILM the video)


What education based marketers are doing wrong

and why they aren’t getting a million views.


How to actually make money on TikTok

and not only attract a ton of unqualified followers.


Everything has changed… again!

Discover how to expand your brand’s reach and get more followers with The NEWEST Instagram Growth Strategy that’s been tried and tested on hundreds of our students (NO ADS NEEDED)


Want to become a better coach?

Introducing… Tension Based Coaching™… No need for a $2,000 coaching certification. Learn simple frameworks to maximize compliance and behavior change in your clients.


Know the saying, “The best way to win a fight is to never get into a fight in the first place.”

Get ready to learn the information that prevents “violence” in your business from happening in the first place.


Already got a big clientele but don’t get many referrals?

Learn our “Triple Win” VIP referral program that you can implement immediately.


Are you cashing in on how to use the tested templates to create SMS Post Reels on Facebook and IG?

Get ready for your DM to blow up!


Lacking structure during your day?

Learn our “Triple Win” VIP referral program that you can implement immediately.


BRAND NEW: How to find micro influencers to scale your business.

Consider these “next level” shout outs and the easiest source of revenue you’re leaving on the table.


The Daily Operations of a $20k/month business owner


The Daily Operations of a $50k/month business owner


The Daily Operations of a $100K/month business owner


UPDATED: new advanced tool kits:

Content planning calendars, Story Trackers, Setter & Closer Dashboards, How to Hire New Setters and Closers SOP and How to Create SOP’s


The secret (yet simple) mind reframe to instantly make you the predator

and how you can apply this mindset in your business. (There’s a reason the worst prison gangs use this mindset to survive.)


The 3 Day Rule

How it saves your life and the life of your business. Not knowing this could have devastating consequences.


Why the Cause State is essential

in life or death situations…and even more critical if you want to dominate in business.


The biggest mistake everyone makes when watching criminal violence

(not knowing this always makes you slower when your life’s at stake). These mistakes also apply to your business and will make you question if you’re looking at the RIGHT things or if it’s just another shiny object.

This event is NOT being recorded so don’t miss out

Why Learn from Me?

I've Produced More Producers Then Anyone Else In The Space!

If you know my story back to the “Skinny Vinny” days then you know I was one of the first fitness YouTubers, and took my story and turned it into a multiple 7 figure a year fitness empire with non paid ad strategies.

I’m the only fitness business coach who’s built a sizeable following on multiple platforms and DONE before I started to teach. I’m the only fitness business coach in the world who’s produced more 6 and 7 figure earners in the fitness space without complicated funnels, expensive ads or living on social media.

“Is My Business A Good Fit
For The 7 Figure Mastermind?”

It depends. If you’re a coach (or aspiring one) in any of the following, then YES!:

Transformation Coach

Fitness Coach

Nutrition Coach

Sport Performance Coach

Pilates Professional

Contest Prep Coach


A Couple

Vegan Coach

Celebrity Coach

Hover on each image.

This event is NOT being recorded so don’t miss out



The Instagram Account Audit Clinic

Watch me break down 20+ fitness accounts to get more engagement, leads and clients.

The Fix Your Offer Workshop

In this 3 hour video series you’ll learn the foundation of a successful coaching business – nailing your niche, an irresistible “mafia offer” and unique messaging. You’ll also learn how to magically name your program and tagline.

The H6 Viral Copywriting Formula

A step-by-step caption writing formula to attract clients like clockwork.

This event is NOT being recorded so don’t miss out

Listen to some of Our Students

Don’t take my word that our systems work… listen to what some of our students have to say about working with us…

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video about Becki Choy
Play Video about If You Don’t Believe That IMPOSSIBLE Is Just A Word…
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Play Video about If You Don’t Think You’re Able To Live Up To Your God-Given Potential…
Play Video about If You Have A Family And You Feel Like You Don’t Have The Time For A Successful Business With A Happy Personal Life…
Play Video about If You’ve Failed In The Past Or You Doubt What You Can Do…
Play Video
Play Video about If You’re Still Recovering From A Bad Experience Where You Were Promised A Unicorn & Delivered A Donkey...
Play Video
Play Video about If You Have The Fitness Knowledge But Really Struggling To Get Clients...

This event is NOT being recorded so don’t miss out